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Philosophy of Care

Vedic Science and Yoga

In understanding the Vedic sciences and Yoga as a complete wisdom system, there are two parts.  Part one is theory while part two is practical.

Vedic science as theory, includes Jyotisha, ayurveda, yantra and mantra while Yoga is the practical application of Jyotisha, ayurveda, yantra and mantra (Vedic theory).

Yoga literally means to yoke and join together while Veda means knowledge or wisdom.  Yoga is the action and the work, the practical steps in application of Vedic theory that leads to healing and spiritual integration.

Through yoga practice and application of Vedic theory, we meet ourselves.  We see where we may have split ourselves, compartmentalizing aspects of the self in order to cope with difficult periods of time.

All of Vedic science points towards integration. Through Jyotish, we are given tools to see where our happiness and life’s purpose lay. The best use of  Jyotisha is in seeing the points where life’s great events unfold and taking right action at those points, insuring the best possible outcome. Right actions are outlined through ayurveda as theory while instrumentation, application and the taking of the right action, is Yoga.

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