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Ayurveda provides an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies, such as hygiene, exercise, herbal preparations, massage, and yoga. This ancient approach to physical health, mental clarity and spiritual fulfillment dates back 5,000 years to the Rishis and sages of ancient India during the Vedic period.

In the Ayurvedic system, complete wellness is achieved through restructuring and realigning an imbalanced human lifestyle with the elements of Nature and the Earth’s seasons.

Your Ayurvedic astrological reading combines physical diagnostics with your astrological chart, helping to determine your prakruti and vikruti. Prakruti is our ayurvedic constitution at birth while vikruti is the expression of our imbalances. Over time and as a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle practices, our vikruti becomes ‘rooted’, creating a false self. We’ll tend to identify with this false-self, thinking our imbalances and disturbances, is who we are. Your Jyotish-Vedic astrological chart will expose your core constitution (Prakruti) and vulnerabilities as an expression of imbalance (Vikruti).

Your Ayurvedic astrological chart can guide the best time for healing, restorative retreats as well as detoxes and cleanses. After your Ayurvedic astrological reading, you’ll know your dominant physical doshas are in accordance with your astrological chart. You’ll receive nutritional and self-care practices that includes an herbal routine, balancing and managing your planetary and physical doshas.


Ayurveda stresses a balance of three substances representing divine forces:

  • Vata (Air/space/wind)
  • Pitta (Fire/bile)
  • Kapha (Earth/water/phlegm)

All beings on earth as well the planets and stars possess a unique constellation of doshas. In both humans and animals, ayurvedic theory promotes the building and maintenance of a healthy metabolic system, attaining good digestion, and proper excretion leads to vitality.

Ayurveda  focuses on exercise, yoga, meditation, and massage.  body, mind, and spirit-consciousness need to be addressed in unison to achieve good health.

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