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Treating Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Those of us living in the Northwest have been experiencing a very early Spring. It has been stunningly beautiful, as almost all the trees are in bloom. While reveling in this beauty, have you noticed increased kapha symptoms like congestion and sluggishness upon waking? Blurry eyes, sinus congestion, sore throat and perhaps body fatigue or […]

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Timing is Everything

Ever have wonder why one event or a series of life changing events has occurred in your life over a particular period? Have you ever experienced periods of time where your health and well-being ran high or low for weeks, months, even years at a time? These patterns are related. Insight to life-cycle event patterns […]

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Ayurvedic Yoga

Ayurveda and yoga are sister sciences. In India, it was traditional to practice ayurveda before taking up the study of yoga. Because ayurveda is the life-science of body, it was a physical, conditioning system in preparation for the mental-spiritual science of yoga. To date, utilizing yoga asana as ayurvedic treatment requires a grasp of both […]

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