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Timing is Everything

Ever have wonder why one event or a series of life changing events has occurred in your life over a particular period?

Have you ever experienced periods of time where your health and well-being ran high or low for weeks, months, even years at a time?

These patterns are related.

Insight to life-cycle event patterns provide us with the wisdom to create health-care routines that support us during challenging and stressful cycles. In addition, foreknowledge of challenging event cycles provides perspective. Armed with such knowledge, major decisions may need to be delayed or adjusted until a more positive cycle emerges.

Alternatively, having advance knowledge of positive energy life- event periods provides opportunities in forward with major decisions, planning for growth in wealth development and creating successful careers and relationship.

Life event patterns are called dasha cycles in Vedic astrology. Da means to be given or granted while Das in Sanskrit means to worship, honor and venerate. In other words, venerate and honor what is given and granted during a particular period.

Astrologically speaking, the dasha cycle is a system used to judge the effect of the nine planets throughout a person’s life.  Each dasha is associated with one planet.  Each planet has it’s own length of time which ranges from seven years to 20 years.

The health and well-being pattern is in association with doshas.  We each have a doshic condition which means we will  tend to go to particular set of imbalances under stress, a kind of default pattern.

Do means, to reap or gather as well as indicating loss or dejection.   Dosha as complete term, means fault, vice or negative consequence.   In this sense, dosha means the reaping or gathering of consequence associated with faults or vices.

The dasha cycle is a way to predict conditions one will be both under and  given relative to a particular planetary period. These conditions have a doshic quality according to the nature of the planet.

There is a ‘gathering’ quality to each dasha cycle which has a doshic effect.  The doshas themselves are elemental conditions called vata (air-space), pitta (fire-water) or kapha (water-earth) as used in ayurvedic medicine.   Planetary conditions are  association with vata, pitta or kapha while the constellations or signs are associated with the elements.

Upayas are remedies utilized in Vedic astrology, to propitiate and balance the effect of a dasha cycle as well as their doshic influence. Mantra, gemstones, herbs, asana and pranayama, are just some of the upayas given under the guidance of Ayurveda and Yoga as determined via Vedic Astrology.


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