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Simple and Effective Kapha Balancing

Winter, in the practice of ayurveda, is dominated by kapha dosha. Kapha dosha is identified as a particular set of conditions that have the combined characteristics earth and water.

Our Seattle winter weather is dominated by kapha dosha, as it is cold, dark and damp, and brilliantly demonstrates how kapha dosha takes affect.

As kapha increases with cold, wet and dark weather conditions, our digestion and elimination patterns can slow. As a result, a sticky, dense stagnation may accumulate in the body that forms excess mucous, weight gain and emotional ‘heaviness’.

We all have kapha dosha by percentage, inside our personal constitutions however, because of our Pacific Northwest winters, kapha dosha will increase to some degree, for everyone, even for those who are not typically kapha dominant.

Below are some symptoms associated with kapha increasing or out-of-balance.

  • Just can’t seem to ‘get going”
  • Over-sleeping and not waking rested
  • Weight gain
  • Congestion
  • Fatigue and achy joints
  • Sluggish digestion and bowel motility

So what’s the remedy?

Build and strengthen Agni, which is our metabolic ‘fire’, internally and externally.

Building Agni is primary so start with the following activities and guidelines.

1) Take daily walks, begin now. Find hills and stairs (abundant in Seattle) and start climbing. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day and then build up to an hour.

2) Take hot saunas and baths. I personally prefer wet saunas over dry but if you only have access to a dry sauna, be sure to add some water to the sauna rocks.

Don’t stay in the sauna longer then 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Follow your sweat with a cool to cold shower. Once you get acclimated to this as a routine, do ’rounds’ of three…Hot-Cold-Hot-Cold-Hot-Cold.

Oh… and because I have to remind myself and so many others on a regular basis…Drink lots of clear, clean water!

This practice flushes your circulatory system, moving blood and lymph from deep-in and around the organs, up to the skin surface and then back down again. It’s great for cleaning up your skin and complexion.

3) Add pungent spices to your food and in addition, take them in capsules, to increase the ‘fire’ in your belly.

If you are concerned or have a question about your digestion and adding spices, meet with an ayurvedic doctor or certified practitioner (like myself 🙂 )for correct dosha identification.

Pungent spices help to increase digestive Agni, which is the core of our digestive strength. Cinnamon, ginger and turmeric are best as their use in foods is generally well-tolerated and liked by most people.

These three, simple yet powerful self-care routines will improve your digestion and absorption, regulate bowel function, stabilize weight issues and provide a more positive and happier outlook on life.

I hope you’re finding this time is restful and restorative, as is the nature and purpose of winter.

As always, I’m in service and available, providing astrological ayurvedic consultations and treatment for your best health and well-being.

Blessings and Light


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