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Mars with Ketu

Mars with Ketu is the quintessential, spiritual warrior.  In the Bhagavadgita, Arjuna is Mars conjoined Ketu.  Mars is the warrior and Ketu is the spiritual seeker, the tail of the serpent.  The dark part and tail of this serpent lives underground, searching for a pinpoint of light in the great darkness.  This underground search represents ourselves looking inward, searching through our own dark night of the Soul.  Ketu as spiritual seeker is the indicator of enlightenment.  With Mars, this desire to transcend life’s illusions and pain is sharp and burning.  Ketu is the ‘Letting go’ that is required in order to be free of life’s suffering associated with misperception and delusion.  For pure perception to be realized, the mind must be freed of it’s attachments and bonds.  Mars and Ketu are currently in Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon is a karaka of the Mind.  Ironically, Mars is weak in Cancer.  It is Mars’s place of debilitation. The reason for this is that Cancer and the Moon is associated with the mother, home and security and the family home is not a place for battle.  However, with Mars and Ketu in Cancer, illusions around what family means are to be transcended.  Mis-placed bonds need to be severed in order for the true self to emerge from the dark underground.   Interestingly, gay and lesbian issues associated with family rights and recognition are front and center in our upcoming Washington State politics.  Ketu and Rahu (the head of the serpent) are associated with anything alternative and uncharted.  In addition, Ketu and Rahu are outcastes in the caste system from India and our gay brothers and lesbian sisters are certainly outcastes within our current traditional definition of the family.  November 3, 2009 is election day and what is so interesting, is that this is the day that Ketu and Rahu move from their current positions.  The nodes, another name for Ketu and Rahu are associated with upheaval and change as they churn the chart.  It will be interesting to see how this change and churn will be manifest on November 3rd.

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  1. johnson.f July 18, 2013 at 1:10 am #

    for me mars , ketu and sun in 4th house on leo sign.. im much interested in martial arts learning and in exposing it on cinema , as rite now im an asst.director in film making..and marcury and venus in 5th house on virgo sign with rahu in 10th house.. does my combinations of planets helps me in proving myself in cinema in case of exposing martial arts and stunts

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