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Ketu transit into Gemini

Ketu transited out of Cancer the evening of November 2, relieving Mars of the darkness that the nodes of the moon bring.  All planets deliver at the end of their transit, unfinished business. Our November 3 elections was the completion of a great amount of business. They have come and gone with R71 passing.  As a result, R71 brings protection to the non-traditional and mixed family, a positive aspect of Mars with Ketu in Cancer.

As the moon rules Cancer and our consciousness, which is as variable as the phases of the moon, there are also negative affects.  Mars-Ketu in Cancer is also reflective of violence.  A Seattle police officer was shot execution style, on Halloween.  The killing appeared random initially yet was clearly planned.  It took the life of a popular ‘teaching’ police officer as he was training a new recruit.  Both were sitting in a squad car in quiet, wealthier neighborhood; one that borders a more violent and poor neighborhood.  The effect is dissonant, creating anguish and confusion.  There was no apparent conflict, no crime or reason for this death to occur.  The violent act took place at the edge of a ‘safe’ neighborhood. The police and fireperson family of Washington state has coalesced, rallying to the family of the dead officer.  Today, they demonstrated military like devotion to both family and community they protect, in a funeral parade full of ceremony.  I’ll detail further, the after-effects of the recent nodal transit with Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn and Cancer but not today.

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