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Tiger Woods' Natal Chart

Tiger Woods December 3, 1975  Birth time: 22:50    Long Beach CA

Written December 16,2009

Jupiter-Gaja-Kasari-Viparita HarshaYoga

Tiger’s Jupiter is retrograde in the 8thhouse-Pisces in the rashi and in the 8thhouse Capricorn in the navamsha.  Jupiter forms Gaja-Kasari yoga in the navamsha and in the rashi.  In the rashi, Jupiter in the 8th house with the Moon in Jupiter’s constellation of Sagittarius in the 5th house. Tiger Woods is the elephant-lion/tiger,Mystery Guru of Golf and has many followers and ‘students’.  He is (was) known for his privacy and squeaky clean image and appearance however, Jupiter in the 8th points to the hidden, alluring and glamorous attraction that many people have for Tiger. The8th house as place of sexuality, mystery and scandal is clearly outlined by the recent media exposure Tiger and his family are under.  The 8th house points toward secrets and scandal revealed during the Moon’s mahadasha and Jupiter’s last degrees of debilitation.  Jupiter is transiting Tiger’s 6thhouse Capricorn with Mars transiting his 12th house (Cancer) of bed pleasures and loss.  Mars will retrograde in Cancer on December 20th.  Mars transiting the constellation of home,family mother and security has breached the 12th house place of retreat and quiet activating issues of sexual ‘indiscretion’.  Saturn is retrograde in the natal chart in Cancer and indicates emotional distance and a dry form of order within the home.  Mars has broken and upset this order in association with Capricorn. Capricorn is a corporate constellation and indicates those systems of hierarchy and conformity as well as Tigers corporate endorsements.  Mercury is conjoined 8thhouse Jupiter in the Navamsha.  Jupiter 4thfrom the Moon indicates the opulent, large homes and vehicles Tiger owns and drives.  Tiger wrecked his Cadillac escalade on November 27, 2009.  The moon was transiting Tiger’s rashi 8th house Jupiter Rx in Pisces.  Mars transiting Moon’s constellation and Tiger’s natal Saturn Rx in the 12th are the indicators for an aggressive, crushing loss of family. This accident was the result of scandal and indiscretion coming to light.  Saturn is transiting Tiger’s 2ndhouse Virgo and is aspects his natal Jupiter.

The nodes of the moon are transiting Tiger’s navamsha ascendant Gemini and 7thhouse Sagittarius. Sun and Ketu are in Navamsha Sag with Rahu in Navamsha Gemini (Dec 16, 2009).  Mercury, ruler of the 1st and 4th is in the 8th.  Corporate endorsements are lost due to the scandal leading to a loss of a great amount of money.  The money lost puts pressure on the home.  The nodes in the ascendant reflect the amalgam that Tiger is racially.  He is black, Asian and Caucasian. Ketu in Aries in the rashi is an out-caste athlete with a warrior, pioneering lead.  In the rashi, Rahu is conjoined Venus in the 3rd Libra giving beautiful people at every turn.  Desire is everywhere; ruler of the 3rd and 10thin the 3rd.  Competition is not only athletic; it is for the most beautiful stuff.  Golf is considered an art as well as sport and has a nature aspect  akin to Japanese gardens. Ketu in Aries indicates the out-in-nature,other-world that golf is on beautiful, landscape acreage; exclusive and elite.  Only ‘beautiful people’ have access to this world. At the back of Tiger’s mind, the shadow out-caste lurks, reminding him he is out-of-caste and out of the mainstream.

Jupiter rules the 7th house of intimate partners and the 10th house of career.  The transits of Jupiter on 8thhouse Jupiter and Mars on 2nd house Cancer again reveals the issue of sexuality and attraction as opposed to the security of home and family. Moon is in Taurus in the 12th and aspects 6th house Mars retrograde conjoined Venus in Scorpio.  The upcoming eclipses are on Tiger’s Navamsha, the chart of spouse.
Mahaparivartana Yoga – Dhana Yoga

Tiger is a Leo ascendant with the Sun in the 4thhouse in yoga with Mercury. Mars in Scorpio is yoga karaka for Leo ascendant and is placed in the 11thhouse Gemini.  Mercury rules the 2ndand the 11th giving Tiger a strong Raja Dhana yoga as well as parivartana yoga.  Mars and Mercury exchange houses 4 and 11, Scorpio and Gemini with an association with the ascendant lord, the sun.  This is an athletic combination for wealth and merchandising.  Mercury shares its root meaning with merchandising.  Mars rules the 4thand 9th where mercury and the sun are conjoined Ketu in the ninth.  The 9th indicates the father. It is well known that Tiger’s father has passed and that his displays on the golf course when a win has been achieved are in dedication to the father.  Ketu in the 9th indicates another worldly, spiritual-type father non-the-less; the father was physically present in the home. In the Rashi, ruler of the 1st (Sun) is in the 4thconjoined ruler of the 11th and 2nd is a strong yoga for wealth and Tiger is one of the wealthiest athletes in the world.  Mercury is with in 3 degrees of the Sun and is combust.  The nervous system gets over-heated and super-stressed. Sexual compulsion may be the discharge mechanism in managing the intense public focus and expectation.
Chandra-Mangala – Viparita Sarala Yoga

Mars is in both the navamsha and the rashi opposite the Moon.  In the rashi, Mars is in the11th house Gemini with the 5th house Moon in Sagittarius.  In the Navamsha, Mars Rx is in 6thhouse Scorpio conjoined Venus with the Moon in Taurus in the 12thhouse. In Navamsha, Mars is retrograde and is ruler of the 6th in the 6th.  This aspect gives good business acumen and ambition, the mind is sharp and focused as displayed through Tiger’s ability to drive on the field of golf.  Lord of the 6th in the 6this good for conquering enemies which Tiger certainly has done.  It is good for competition however the lord of the 6th is tied up with Venus. Tiger has conquests which are not only on the golf course.  Women are seen as sport, trophy; another form of competition.
Moon-Moon Dasha

Tiger’s mother is alive however I did not find much information about her.  She was placed at the site of the recent accident however there has been no official statement. Tiger’s mother must have been strict or distant.  The Moon goes to the 12th house in the navamsha just as it is placed in the 12thin the rashi.  The moon is exalted in the navamsha and placed in Sag in the rashi. In the navamsha, the mother must have had a disturbing affect as Rahu is 2nd from the moon.  There is an indication of sexual confusion for Tiger but not enough to act-out with same sex partners.  Instead, the sexual activity takes on an addictive quality with ‘types’ of women.  Tiger identifies with a particular type of female, the stereotypical trophy blonde.  These women must be lacking in self-esteem as demonstrated through interviews with 1 of 16 mistresses who claimed it was “an honor” to be in an adulterous and secretive relationship.  The accident November 27th when the moon was transiting Tiger’s rashi-natal Jupiter RX brought to light the indiscretions however, the National Enquirer ran a story about Tiger cheating on November 25th, 2009. The Moon was in Shatibhishak which is said to be the Nakshastra of a cheat but who will speak frankly.  It is a Nakshastra of dissolution with the caste of a butcher.  The tabloid forced the truth out of infidelity and deception.  It is interesting that both mothers were at the scene of the accident as well as the collapse of the mother-in-law later. Tiger is surrounded by women as the Moon is a female planet.  He is in a cycle of women which has expanded and spread to an excessive degree as he came into the bhukti of Jupiter in September of 2009. Jupiter in the 8th has brought wealth but in the moon dasha and sub-cycle of Jupiter, has brought Saturn’s requirements of restraint to self-control to the surface.

As the transits continue to build, Tiger continues to lose endorsements.  He has withdrawn from his own celebrity tournaments and has pulled away from golf ‘indefinitely’ however as Jay Leno said one evening, “Golf was not the problem”.  The nodes will hit on the New Year and the wife will publicly declare a separation if not a divorce. Mercury will be retrograding and conjoined Venus and Rahu on the house of the wife with Ketu transiting Gemini, Tigers ascendant.  The issue of money is huge as is the size of Jupiter.  Half if not more of Tiger’s wealth will become embattled as Mars continues to deepen his retrograde in Cancer.  Mars goes retrograde December 20thmaking this time the most painful,contentious and difficult for home and family. Saturn continues to demand mental and familial hygiene while transiting natal Virgo in the navamsha.  The Saturn return Tiger is experiencing in relationship to his spouse is one of discernment and understanding the value of his marriage.  Saturn transiting the 2nd in the rashi will take away money and force a reassessment of what Tiger valuesrelative to happiness in general. The Saturn transits in the rashi aspects the natal Jupiter and shrinks him down tosize.  In the navamsha, the 10thhouse of career shrinks.  Rahu on the natal 11th house hurts the reputation and with Mars Rx, this is a violent and painful experience.  Mars aspects the moon and with Ketu transiting, shame will be felt in relationship to the mother in the rashi and the spiritual father in the navamsha.  Child protective services visited the Woods’ house on December 12, 2009.  The excessive media exposure is damaging for children and destabilizing.  Tiger has two children, a 2-year old girl anda 10-month old son.

Tiger is a pitta type (Leo asc.) with the nervous system over-heated. Sun combust Mercury within 8 degrees and his is within 3 degrees.  Mercury exchanges with retrograde Mars in Scorpio-Gemini picking up all the qualities of Mars in Scorpio.  Ketu is pitta and increases irritation, short-temper and inflammation to Aries.  The pitta-Sun is with Ketu in Sag, another fire sign in the navamsha.   Mars is Rx in Scorpio in the 6thhouse of accidents and acuity. Tiger needs to manage pitta in the nervous system. With the heavy-kapha planets in water or earth signs, he can get struck and feel he does not need to change. Kapha can become very stagnant and with a pitta aggravation,belligerent.  The current collapse of secrets and lies will sweat-out the heavy complacency that is Kapha.  Kapha’s need to be made uncomfortable in order for change of behavior to take place; events have conspired to remedy the situation.  In moon’s mahadasha, it’s the mind and emotions that need remedy.

Upayas dated 12/16/2009

Tiger needs peer counseling which is not the ‘posse’ of worshipers.  He needs peers who will feed-back authentically and take him to task on his narcissistic acting-out. Recognize that infidelity and indiscretion are misconceived terms which do not address issues of sexual addiction. Determine the value of marriage and relationship. Realize and take responsibility for behaviors which impact the wife and children now and in the future. Retreat from golf and public exposure is appropriate and removes the adulation and immediate gratification media brings both negatively and positively.

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