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Nimitta is one of six branches in Jyotish and is defined as ‘omen’ or sign.  Nimitta is essential in practice.   The classical texts list several signs to observe in our waking state as well as in the dream state. Dreams are where desire and repulsion, fear, grief and love, all rise to be exposed without edit.  Dreams are where planets and stars take  form through a thousand deities, plants and animals.

A few nights ago, I dreamed I was crawling under the legs of a women who was dressed as a mare.  Surrounded by a group of women (who apparently knew exactly what this was all about),  I wiggled on.  My costumed friend, who looking down at me, was just as apprehensive as myself.

A few days earlier, I ran an astrological chart for a mare with health issues.  She had a Kemadruma yoga  in her 9th house Cancer and to keep a long story short, experienced trauma during her  sadisati and current moon dasha cycle. Chloe the mare, had recently been reunited with the first owner.  The problems that led Chloe back to her first owner were also leading to her destruction.  As it was, the sensitive and alert first owner had kept contact so when the recent past owners reached exasperation, Chloe was recovered.

Reading Chloe’s chart was one in a series of events the were quietly aligning and running parallel with recent and current transits. Chloe’s chart was nimitta, foreshadowing a rise and surface of some challenging family history.  In my dream, Chloe the mare was my divine (ninth house) trans-personal ‘good’ mother (Cancer).  She birthed me into a group of smart, powerful women who cheered and applauded when I slid out the other side.

Venus is a karaka for horses and women so through Chloe the mare, Venus communicated things my  physical mother had been apprehensive or simply unable to communicate.  Venus has been transiting my (Virgo) second house of speech, happiness and family of origin and Venus has been in a tight conjunction with Mars and Saturn and in Virgo (where Venus  is classically debilitated).  Venus’s transit through Virgo articulated issues of comfort and love.  My natal Venus is placed in Gemini in the 11th  and exchanges with Mercury in Taurus in the 10th and so by transit Venus in Virgo in the second forms Dhana-raja yoga, canceling the debilitation.  This has been a ‘rich’ Venus transit in Virgo.  One which has brought a wealth of comfort and understanding and one I would not define as weak.


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